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By Richard C. Hoagland
© 2015 The Enterprise Mission



The Last Encounter ... of the last "classical" planet of the solar system ... is now unfolding--

The imminent New Horizons fly-by, after almost a decade of rising anticipation, of the last "pre-space age" solar system discovery ... the planet Pluto.


The historic Pluto Encounter -- culminating with a spectacular Closest Approach, in the pre-dawn hours of July 14th -- also marks a set of poignant milestones for me, personally.

First and foremost:

Precisely fifty years before the Pluto New Horizons fly-by, to the night ... July 14, 1965 ... I was covering my first unmanned NASA mission -- the first fly-by of the fabled planet Mars ... by humankind's first robotic planetary emissary -- Mariner 4.

As part of that unprecedented real-time radio coverage (that I co-produced and co-hosted, with Dick Bertel, on WTIC Radio, in Hartford, CT.) of that amazing Encounter Evening in 1965, we wove together five hours of LIVE "into-the-night radio," in the still-echoing tradition of Long John Nebel -- mixing together a variety of invited and serendipitous guests, across the evening and around the country, enthusiastically engaging in on-air discussions of "the implications of humanities acquisition of the first close-up images of Mars" ... the possibilities for current life on the Red Planet, if not the scientific and engineering prospects for bringing Earth life there ... and even a (inevitable) inclusion of "the reality of UFOs" ....

All set against the backdrop of our own "1965 Martian Invasion" updates, throughout the night, from Mariner 4 Control--

The WTIC Mars program was titled:

"Night of the Encounter."

Now, exactly fifty years later, we intend to "do it all again" -- this time, centering on the LAST major Planetary Encounter of NASA ....

As we collectively experience -- via the World Wide Web -- the unique New Horizons fly-by of the intensely controversial planet, Pluto--

And explore the Unknown Stories behind ... not only the discovery of Pluto itself, in 1930 ... but the "hidden history and potential hidden mission" of NASA's New Horizons fly-by -- LIVE -- in a 21st Century, global, all-night, on-line, radio and imaging extravaganza--

"Pluto: The LAST Encounter" ....

Carried EXCLUSIVELY on the Dark Matter ("Art Bell's" ...) Digital Network.

July 14, 2015 -- 2AM to 7AM Pacific.

Vintage Radio ... with PICTURES.



This Pluto Encounter Special is an unplanned "preview" of a parallel "radio adventure" I am about to embark upon ... after our coverage of Pluto ... also courtesy of my friend, Art Bell.

My own continuing radio program on this Network -- to be carried five nights a week -- on DMDN, formally beginning Midnight, July 21, 2015 -- right after Art Bell's debut of his own "Midnight in the Desert."

My show--.

"The Other SIDE of Midnight."

Join us ... as a PARTICIPANT in unveiling our REAL solar system heritage -- only on DMDN.








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