Monuments of Mars

A Phoenix Connection??

Richard C. Hoagland opens the conference with some introductory comments. He introduces Kynthia as the art director of the Enterprise Mission and she talks about her Mars Face Sculpture / Research. She later introduces Jim Grefsrud who presents the first People's New Science Award, sitting atop the podium right.



Richard listens to Francis Barwood, who is not afraid of public speaking, as she tells the story of the Phoenix Mayor and Arizona Governor.


Other panel members include, Larry Hunter, Ken Johnston Sr, Vance Davis and Kynthia.


Larry Hunter describes his exploration of the Pyramids. A limestone rock from the pyramids sits atop the podium.


During the second evening at the Hyatt Hotel,
an indepth seminar presented even
more samples and visual aids.



Larry Hunter points out his journey in Egypt
as Vance Davis follows along.




The digital images above where provided by Chuck O'Connor.

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Nick Skouras points out that he is glad to have come from New Mexico to be here. Nick is one of the musicians on the just released Enterprise Mission music CD.





Dana Balaban is displaying all the videos, books and other items from the Enterprise Mission.





Kynthia brings some of her art work to the conference. Here is her newest creation, an award conceived of by Jim Grefsrud from "the ordinary people" to researchers that are making a difference. This first one was presented to Richard C. Hoagland. Jim enlisted Kynthia's help to sculpt the gold Mars Face medallion that is imbedded in a tetrahedron handcrafted by Jim out of exotic purple heartwood


Vance Davis presents a more in depth talk on the connection between Phoenix and ancient Indian history.  


Richard C. Hoagland answers an audience member's question.


Ken Johnston Sr. explains the connections of the secret Masonic Organization.



Richard joins in a discussion that includes a Phoenix Lights UFO witness Tim Ley.


Ken Johnston Sr, Richard Hoagland, Kynthia, Jim Delittoso, Tim Ley


At the end of it all, Richard even takes the time to pen an autograph.