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On Thursday evening, September 11, 1997 -- literally as NASA's next unmanned mission, Mars Surveyor, goes into orbit around the Red Planet -- at the Double Tree Inn in Pasadena, California, researchers with The ENTERPRISE Mission presented to members of the public and the press striking evidence of an official government cover-up of the current unmanned Mars mission -- Mars Pathfinder -- if not the most important scientific discovery of our time:

The confirmed existence of an ancient, now-extinct civilization on the planet Mars.

In a five-hour in-depth seminar and discussion, "Enterprise" -- an independent space research and policy group based in the highly technical community outside Albuquerque, New Mexico -- laid out in meticulous detail its recent two-month-long investigation (following fifteen years of previous inquiry) into what some have termed "the most monumental, yet strangelyamateur- ish cover-up in history." What is meant by this statement is that the apparent suppression of the current, real Pathfinder data is "so blatant, yet so unsophisticated and unprofessional ... in this era of seamless Hollywood special effects and 'Forrest Gump technology'," according to Enterprise Founder and Principal Investigator, Angstrom Award Winner Richard C. Hoagland, "that it appears that the JPL scientists participating in this charade have been coerced into cooperating with the cover-up, by other governmental agencies outside of NASA, possibly threatening severe legal action under National Security restrictions; but, from the visual evidence they've been releasing, these guys apparently -- desperately -- want to get caught!"

In addition to Hoagland, a former Science Advisor to CBS News and a former NASA consultant, a panel of other "Enterprise" experts -- in fields ranging from "dry desert geology" to "Jungian speech analysis" -- made major presentations Thursday night supporting this extraordinary hypothesis.

This historic, eye-opening, evening-long "Enterprise Event" utilized a variety of cutting-edge computer imaging techniques to make its case, relying heavily on one currently employed by several official U.S. agencies (including, the U.S. Army and NASA); called "Fractal Transform Resolution Enhancement," this major advance in computer imaging algorithms (recently made available commercially) has enabled "Enterprise" researchers to partially reconstruct many of the original high-resolution Pathfinder surface views (that we are currently NOT seeing on the NASA web sites!) from the clumsily-spliced, low-resolution, highly-compressed versions that are currently appearing there. "Enterprise" has painstakingly cross-checked and validated its "NASA reconstructions" of these official images by comparison with the same frames seen briefly on CNN "live from Mars" that night, immediately after Pathfinder's July 4th landing. Apparently initially caught unaware as to exactly "where" it had landed, NASA broadcast its incoming Mars imagery uncensored to the entire world for a few minutes ... until "someone" apparently realized with a shock what was being captured by the camera; then (as the taped playbacks show), the incoming data were suddenly cut off due to "communications difficulties." In the weeks since, there have been many technically inexplicable (and curiously repeated!) occurrences of such "communications difficulties" in the Mission -- even though this is NOT the first time we've landed a spacecraft on Mars, and NASA now has almost 40 years of space experience to draw upon.

Even that first night, as Pathfinder's imagery was being received from Mars and (briefly) broadcast live around the world, many casual viewers put in calls to CNN commenting on "the curious, highly geometric 'rocks' visible in many of the Pathfinder scenes ..." Those "rocks," according to the to-be-released "Enterprise" analysis, are now not "rocks" at all ... but are "highly degraded machines" (and other pieces of manufactured artifacts), clearly visible before the Lander/Rover cameras.

"Enterprise," through its application of Fractal Imaging Technology and other sophisticated algorithms, has now been able to substantiate an astonishing list of these machine-like, highly geometric objects present in those original NASA scenes ... which include "several identifiable tracked vehicles; several exposed (though highly eroded) motor-like devices (some with associated winches); a variety of wheels; countless cylindrical-lookingcanisters strewn across the landscape, or projecting upward from the landscape, many with equally geometric, machine- like projections ...; and countless other, unrecognizable, but highly geometric (and unlikely geological) surface features, on a wide variety of scales ... all intermixed with a variety of glass-like, clearly refracting pane-like features extending (also as no 'rocks' could or should) ... transparently above the dusty Martian surface ..." This wide variety of highly geometric features all appear to be the eroded (and jumbled -- by the Great Ares Vallis Flood?) remains of a highly technological but apparently extremely ancient culture, which is now (at least at thePathfinder landing site) clearly long gone ...

Among the "Enterprise" participants presenting and commenting on this extraordinary "non- geological evidence" was engineering geologist, Ron Nicks. Nicks, currently a resident of Indiana, was formerly with Battelle Memorial Institute, SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), and Parsons Engineering, and has over 35 years of Southwestern ("Mars-like," desert) U.S. geological experience to draw upon. Nick's extensive private and governmental geological engineering background (he has worked on a variety of major geological siting projects for the DOE and state agencies, under strict EPA and Nuclear Regulatory Agency guidelines), coupled with a strong professional familiarity with archaeological sites and excavation procedures, clearly prepared him in his assessment of the highly non-geological nature of the current Martian features appearing in the unaltered NASA scenes.

Another panelist on Thursday night contributing to this rapidly converging investigation -- and from a most surprising quarter -- was David John Oates; Oates is Founder and Developer of Reverse Speech Technologies, in Bonsall, CA.

David Oates originally discovered, and has pioneered in the technological means to playback as well as the psychological ability to correctly interpret, the regular "reversals" in human speech patterns that apparently occur every five to ten seconds in normal extemporaneous conversation or unscripted presentations. Clinical psychologists and practicing psychotherapists using Oates' techniques have confirmed that these human speech reversals, revealing deep psychological expressions of unconscious (or consciously-suppressed) emotions consistently associated with the "normal," forward context of the on-going communication, are often couched in deep metaphorical ("Jungian") associations. As such, according to the handful of practicing clinicians now pioneering this technique in the United States, these clear expressions of "the truth" -- as the patient experiences it -- can form a powerful new clinical tool "for revealing the true nature of underlying trauma and suppressed emotion."

Oates, an Australian native who discovered the phenomenon over fifteen years ago, and then became preoccupied with independently researching and developing this remarkable new psychological research tool for a variety of medical, scientific and business applications, was recently rewarded by the U.S. government's formal acknowledgment of the existence of this remarkable new field; the occupational titles "Reverse Speech Analyst" and "Reverse Speech Practitioner" were recently approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, listed in the category of Clinical Medical Services.

Oates himself has given seminars and presentations on his Reverse Speech Technology and analytical results all over the world; he was recently asked to address FBI, CIA, and the Secret Service participants during a four-day, inter-agency seminar in Washington, D.C. And, unknown to Oates until recently, at least one other U.S. intelligence agency, and one Senate Committee have been quietly, operationally, using the technique "for several years."

Oates' presentation during the September 11 seminar focused on his completely separate investigation of NASA's Pathfinder mission -- and his astonishing discovery of specific speech reversals, from a variety of separate NASA scientists and managers, all indicating "a hidden, secret plan" and a "dual mission."

To preserve the important "double-blind" nature of the two investigations, Oates was not shown ANY of the latest images from "Enterprise"; similarly, he was instructed not to reveal the details of his own "reversals" of the Pathfinder press briefings (during which "versions" of these images were officially discussed) to any of the "Enterprise" participants. Both investigations -- and the seminar participants themselves -- learned for the first time the substance of the other's inquiry on Thursday evening ...

Since this investigation began, on July 4, at least two other "independent research groups" -- one in the United States, and one in Europe -- both conversant with computer imaging, have contacted "Enterprise" with similar questions, concerning the nature and the quality of what NASA has presented re "the Pathfinder Mission" on the Internet. One representative of these completely separate efforts in "getting to the truth" also presented at the Double Tree, September 11, from their perspectives -- these important issues.

In addition to these technical discussions, there was a Special Seminar Presentation on the unique and highly political history of JPL itself -- from its extremely curious formation over fifty years ago, to the equally "bizarre" individuals who were involved in its formation ... and their specific, written agendas regarding Man's future and the planet Mars. That remarkable -- and remarkably unknown, to most journalists -- bizarre history of the leading center for NASA's solar system explorations is now extremely relevant to what "Enterprise" has succeeded in discovering; those agendas seem now directly connected with the following, key questions:

What do the NASA (JPL) scientists directly involved in Pathfinder, who've been putting out demonstrably fake images to all the world as an apparent cry for help, truly know ? What have they been told, regarding the essential reason for a cover-up of such a phenomenal discovery? And ... how many inside NASA (out of the estimated 20,000 employees of the Agency) have truly seen the real Pathfinder images that "Enterprise" has now been able to "decode?"

On Thursday, September 11, at the Double Tree in Pasadena -- the day another NASA Mission arrives around the planet Mars, to carry on the cover-up from orbit-- we all finally saw ...


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