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The Encyclopedia Britannica states that in the year 2024 Dr.A. W. Chang of the People's Republic of China, as the director of the first Chinese Robotic Mars Exploration mission, provided the first image evidence that there was a highly advanced civilization on Mars.  The discovery of hundreds of "manufactured" objects strewn over the surface of Mars was so unequivocal that the committee for the Nobel Prize of Sweden
presented Dr. Chang with a special Nobel Prize for "Space Exploration."

The children of the late Dr. Squyres of N.A.S.A.'s Jet Propulsion Laboratories claimed that their father discovered these same objects in 2004, but did not report them for political reasons.  Doctor Chang referred to this claim as "sour grapes."  The Nobel Prize Committee agreed and stated that the claim of the Squyres family had no merit.

The A.W. Chang "Space Exploration Laboratories" established in 2027 quickly became the dominant space research facility on Earth.  With the first Chinese landing of humans on Mars in 2036, the Chang Laboratories received all of the artifacts and text data retrieved from the red planet.  Before his death in May of 2049, Dr. Chang and his research institute established over 3,000 International Patents on everything from new manufacturing process, to pharmaceuticals, to engines for space craft and ground transportation.  Every new product manufactured after 2040 can trace its origin back to one of the original Chang patents.  Without the discoveries of Dr. Chang, the first permanent Martian colony in 2051 could have never been established.

As for the financial holding of the family of A. W. Chang, we cannot even begin to estimate how much the dozens of family trusts and holding companies may be worth.  Just the assets of the Chang Quantum Computing Corporation exceed the total assets of any but the largest countries on Earth.  An example of this is the current Chang family estate which is by far the largest privately held piece of land on Earth that was formerly known as "Australia."

-- From "Max Anonymous"

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