Richard C. Hoagland, and authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval,
speak at Imperial College, London, on 25 May 1996

Report by J.J. Mercieca, Malta, Member of the Enterprise Mission

Susan Karaban, Enterprise Mission, Editor

Richard C. Hoagland, Science Editor

This is the first in a series, to be presented here, concerning the Enterprise Mission's first public presentation of results in Europe from its on-going 13-year, Moon/Mars investigation. The following report was posted on the above-mentioned world wide web site [ mufor] by one of our members from Malta: Mr. J.J. Mercieca. Mr. Mercieca flew, at his own expense, from Malta to London specifically to attend and report on the results of the "Monuments to Life" conference held there, and subsequently posted this "immediate reaction" on his own website shortly after the London presentation on 25 May.

Picture of Big Ben The London conference, sponsored by Britain's "Quest Magazine," brought together Richard C. Hoagland, founder of the (formerly) Mars Mission (now "Enterprise Mission"), with authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, co-authors of the London "Times" No. 1 best seller "Keeper of Genesis" (an American version of the book is due to be released in the United States on 16 June, under the title "Message of the Sphinx"). Originally slated to be a solo London/Leeds presentation by Mr. Hoagland on the on-going Moon/Mars/ "hyperdimensional physics" investigation, the Hoagland, Hancock, Bauval "Monuments to Life" conference/workshop brought together these three unique investigations -- at Mr. Hoagland's specific invitation -- to discuss the growing similarities of results coming from diverse inquiries into the long-ignored evidence for a previous "high-tech ancient epoch" for Humanity ... including what Hoagland, in the context of a potential terrestrial origin for the "Monuments of Mars," has called the search for a "Terrestrial Connection."

After London, Hoagland, Hancock and Bauval went north, to present their research to an audience at the University of Leeds on 1 June 1996; Hoagland, alone, then went on to will present a synopsis of the British collaboration for a third time, a week later, to an audience from literally all over Sweden [some of whome drove more than five hours to the small town in central Sweden, known as Ange (pop. 7500)], to see the latest data on Thursday, 13 June 1996. A full report of these latest "Enterprise" activities (perhaps in several parts) will be posted to our web site in the days to come. The entire joint "Monuments to Life" conference at Leeds was audio recorded, and will also be transcribed and posted; a composite video of the London/Leeds/Ange proceedings (with additional material) will also be completed in the coming months, for availability this Fall.

The following initial summary of highlights of the London conference, by J.J. Mercieca, is in his own words; grammar and punctuation (at certain points) have been only minimally altered. In those cases where an editorial notation was needed for added clarity, this editor has inserted the information in square brackets [ ]. We wish to underscore that at no time did we discuss this material with Mr. Mercieca, either before or after the London presentation; the following report is the result of his own independent observations and reactions. This first impression is, necessarily, somewhat incomplete and lacking in some important context (such as the politically significant "joint opening press statement" presented by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval pertaining to why Hancock and Bauval decided to appear with Mr. Hoagland at this specific time. These details notwithstanding, the purpose of posting this review is to provide a timely, first hand, independent account of an important new benchmark in this investigation: the first European presentation of this continuing investigation, and its expanding implications. A more extended treatment of the unprecedented "Bauval, Hancock, Hoagland presentations and discussions" -- including the important "opening joint statement," and some astonishing new data that has been discovered as a direct result of this new "joint collaboration" -- will follow at a later time.

Here, then, is Mr. Mercieca's initial reaction to what was seen in London...

"A wonderful lecture! Hoagland commenced by giving some general background information on the Moon/Mars structures and then leaped right into the new information.

The most interesting item was a [16-mm, telephoto, motion picture] film from one of the Apollo missions taken from the orbiting capsule [lunar module (LM), at that point only 20 miles above the lunar surface] that clearly shows, without the need for enhancement, the highly eroded and shattered dome across Mare Smythe.

The astronauts were filming "Earth rise" through a perfectly transparent quartz window in the capsule [LM] and since the Moon has no atmosphere, the Earth should be a perfect circle, right? Wrong!

The Earth looked terribly distorted while it was rising, with the shape flattening, changing and shimmering as if seen through a thick atmosphere rather than through an airless environment. What could be causing this effect? Well, miles thick sheets of glass between the camera and the Earth could distort the Earth so much. But the glass cannot be seen, or can it?

What is important to remember is that the [16-mm "Data Acquisition"] cameras used by the astronauts didn't simply stop running when switched off, but the film continued to pass in front of the open shutter while slowing down. This resulted in several frames at the end of each "take" being over-exposed. At normal speed these frames produce a sort of white-out of the screen, but when seen frame by frame, as Hoagland demonstrated a number of times, much more detail comes out!

In these frames a clear structure that is miles above the lunar surface can be seen! It has a very jagged look ... Sharp spires in some sections reaching much higher than the average height of the structure. It looks as if what may once have been a relatively flat surface [actually, a highly geometric, initially "spire-like fractal structure," that] has been bombarded for lots of years (thousands, millions?) by micrometeorities or even larger objects. The film was taken looking [tangentially] over Mare Smythe and in the direction of several other mares (the dark sections on the [near-side of the] Moon), which Hoagland thinks are [may be!] the foundations of the ancient lunar domes. (Therefore [in the Apollo 10 film shown, these "optical anomalies" are collected] in the direction of the largest concentration of glass that caused the Earth to look so distorted.) The over-exposed frames picked up so much light from the close [actually, approximately 200 miles distant] lunar glass structures, that the Earth [because of the long optical path length, in these final Apollo 10 16-mm telephoto views] can hardly be seen in them!

Interesting numbers and facts: 1 megalithic yard = 2.72 British feet

Large triangle on the Moon formed by three circular features (distinguishable from the APP172.jpg Clementine image - is 272 miles on each side. [Mercieca is referring to the large triangular formation photographed by the 1995 DOD (Pentagon) Clementine mission to the Moon, subsequently "leaked" to the Enterprise Mission (see below). The formation seems, in the extensive analysis conducted by Hoagland's team, to consist of three "glass towers," spaced in a precise equilateral triangle (the 272-mile spacing of each side of this great triangle is numerically self-referential to this equilateral, i.e., "tetrahedral," triangle) -- the 272-mile triangle roughly straddling the current "Sinus Medii" central region of the Moon. This is also the same region photographed by the Earth-based Lick Observatory in 1937, presented by Hoagland at Ohio State in 1994, first revealing the dark, smaller "equilateral triangle" in the bottom of the 16-mile diameter crater Ukert. Ukert is the largest crater located at times (due to "lunar librations") directly under the "sub-Earth point"of the near-side of the Moon -- close to 0 degrees latitude and longitude.]

The crater Ukert (16 mile triangle) is [precisely!] tangential to one side of the larger 272-mile triangle.

If the diameter of the Earth = 1, the diameter of the Moon = 0.272 [another inexplicable, "tetrahedral/ equilateral" numerical relationship -- this time for the entire Moon ...]

The Moon is currently 60.27 Earth radii away from us and is moving away imperceptibly. [Actually it is moving away at about 1/8 inch per year.] Exactly 200,000 years ago the Moon was [.27 radii closer to the Earth -- another numerically significant "tetrahedral relationship"] 60 Earth radii away.

Hoagland thinks that 200,000 years ago, whatever was going on at Cydonia, the Moon and maybe even Earth came to an abrupt end, and the Moon began to drift away very slowly from the position it was being kept in!

What is really interesting is that Hoagland mentioned a report by some scientist [Alan C. Wilson, University of California, Berkeley, geneticist] that the human DNA as we know it today first appeared some 200,000 years ago which is quite a coincidence ... Could the end of a "Cydonian" civilization mean the start of our own?

Hoagland also thinks that the ground plan for the construction of the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, was [may have been] laid at this time, 200,000 years ago! [This extremely tentative hypothesis by Hoagland is based on precise measurements of the "north alignment error" of the otherwise extraordinarily constructed three pyramids at Giza, first measured by Sir Flinders Petrie over 100 years ago. This "error" (less than 5% of one degree off true north) is precisely what the rotation of the entire continental plate of Africa would accumulate in about 200,000 years, if the original pyramid design had been perfectly aligned, consistent with the other astonishing architectural tolerances exhibited at Giza! In fact, there is now considerable evidence that the limestone bedrock from which the great Sphinx at Giza was carved shows weathering in excess of the 7-9,000 year period (as conservatively concluded by Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University, at the time of the redating of the Sphinx on behalf of the work and project carried out by John Anthony West in 1994). However, privately, geologists examining the crevasses at the Sphinx basin that have been weathered by running water (in a desert!) to a depth in places to more than 12 feet, admit that such erosion -- over a succession of "wet and dry periods at the plateau" -- seems more like erosion which is consistent with "hundreds of thousands of years long . . ."]

The Moon first orbited the Earth some 600 million years ago during the pre-Cambrian/Cambrian period. Hoagland put forward a theory that someone [may have] moved the Moon into orbit around Earth (since the three theories scientists have of how the Moon came to be don't hold water):


(1) The Moon and Earth coalesced from the same "dust" at the same time our solar system was being formed. This is impossible since the makeup of the lunar rocks as demonstrated by the lunar missions is totally different from those of Earth;

(2) The Earth was hit by a "Mars-sized" object, the impact creating the Moon which conveniently remained in Earth orbit rather than rebounding back into space;

(3) The Moon, wandering through the solar system, is caught by the Earth's gravitational pull and through some "fluke" of orbital mechanics, takes up a roughly circular orbit around the Earth!

While Hoagland's theory may sound even more unreasonable than these three, it does have its merits. Whoever did this would have needed immense amounts of energy. Hyperdimensional energy offers just that: infinite energy at no cost!

The Moon also increased the Earth's angular momentum by several orders of magnitude [50 times] which resulted in an increase in the generation (by the Earth and Moon) of hyperdimensional energy. (Angular momentum is one of the conditions needed for the generation ["gating" into our familiar three dimensions] of hyperdimensional energy by planetary bodies.) This increase in HyperD energy may have led to the development of more complex life forms and therefore sentience.

[In fact there's a little more to it. What Hoagland discussed is that prior to the pre-Cambrian age, the first and only life forms extant for billions of years on Earth were "blue-green algae." Almost overnight (in evolutionary terms) there was an "explosion of life" at an unprecedented rate, resulting in increasingly complex life forms that heretofore had not developed. The question is why did life on this planet, which had the opportunity to evolve for billions of years prior to this explosion of life, fail to develop on a steady evolutionary ascending curve? Is there a real, testable possibility that the Moon, which appears to be far older than the age of the Earth from which it supposedly came, was added at a later stage . . ?]

(*My own [JJ's] personal comments/speculation: This theory sounds interesting, and [means that we] would need to have [to bring into the equation] some sort of "Protector" type alien race [such as that proposed in the epic "Uplift" sci-fi series of novels by David Brin] going about the galaxy/universe manipulating the very planets they find using HyperD energy to bring about the existence of complex sentient life forms in the distant future, which would still be in the single-cell stage if left alone. A message may also have been left by these aliens in the form of immense structures on a nearby planet/moon for any sentient life forms that developed space travel to find! Which we did! Who knows ...?)

Hoagland also thinks [suspects] that carbon-14 dating is invalid if his theory on HyperD energy is correct. Scientists at some labs are [over the years have been] puzzled how the half life of some elements have increased or decreased randomly, with elements with long half lives just popping out of existence, while those with short half lives remaining stable or prolonging their existence. This may be related to some function of how HyperD draws energy from a higher dimension but Hoagland didn't expand much on this for now.

Since this is Hoagland's first visit to the UK, he is going to visit Avebury and Silbury Hill, the part of Britain that is a 1/7 scale model of Cydonia! (the Tholus=Silbury Hill and the crater/pyramid=Avebury). He asked the audience for excavating and drilling machinery to check out the ground on the positions of the Face, City and D&M Pyramid to see if there are any corresponding features at these locations. (Wonder how the British Government will take to Hoagland going about the countryside drilling holes?) [This statement requires some explanation. In 1991, Hoagland met with British crop circle researcher David Percy who first proposed that the site of Avebury (where there are multitudes of "standing stones" encircling a wide area of the countryside) may be an analog to Cydonia, on Mars! This extraordinary idea was based on Hoagland's initial observation (in "Monuments") that Silbury Hill (an enormous neolithic mound structure similar to the great mound sites in the United States, i.e., at Moundsville, W.Va., etc.) are eerie analogs to the Crater/Tholus structures at the Cydonia complex on Mars. Percy, armed with this major clue, was able to overlay a rectified map of Avebury/Silbury Hill onto a version of the eastern edge of the Cydonia map set to the same scale. Remarkably, the two sites (at 1/7 Cydonia scale -- also an exquisitely "tetrahedral" relationship) overlapped perfectly. The possibility of a recreation on Earth of the complex at Cydonia has been discussed by many researchers of these anomalies. Recent data gathered at the various sacred sites in Great Britain, relating to the same tetrahedral mathematics discovered in the layout on Mars, has significantly increased the possibility of such an "Avebury/Cydonia" connection. But actually geological fieldwork must be carried out in the Avebury region, before any aspect of this hypothesis can be announced as "confirmed."]

I can't remember if Hoagland [it was Hoagland] or Hancock mentioned this, but it sounds quite intriguing! It seems that there are certain areas on Earth [in Africa] that puzzle geologists because there are large patches of terrain where elements are found in the ground that do not match the surrounding terrain and just should not be there! [In fact, this is more akin to what Hoagland expounds upon in his book "The Monuments of Mars," where he discusses the prerequisites for locating a long-extinct highly technological society by examining its "detritus" -- its garbage!] Could these elements be the only trace of totally corroded cities/ports/vehicles of ancient civilizations that have ended 10,000 plus years ago? What would a car or a building or an aircraft carrier look like in 10,000 years time if our civilization ended abruptly? Maybe just a mixture of metallic and other anomalous elements in the soil! Stone lasts, metal doesn't, which might just explain why the various pyramids and other ancient buildings around the world have been constructed using this material!

Hoagland also mentioned the "natural" nuclear fission reactors that are found in Africa. These seem to exhibit all the signs of an ancient nuclear meltdown, and yet scientists have labeled these as "natural" nuclear reactors, since these scientists cannot imagine how an advanced civilization that may have been able to manufacture nuclear reactors could have existed at the time, thousands of years ago!

(* For those of you who think that Hoagland is in this for money ... think again ... he didn't even bring along a single copy of his book or videos to put on display for sale! And the only address he gave out was that of his web page! *)

The Moon/Egypt connection

It was demonstrated by Robert Buaval [author of the "Orion Mystery" and co-author of "Keeper of Genesis"] that the Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza are a terrestrial "map" of the Orion constellation as it appeared in 10,500 B.C. [For some unknown reason Mercieca fails to report anything on the 2-1/2 hour presentation by Graham Hancock, and this plus one other comment (see below) seems to be the only observations he makes on the work of Robert Bauval. It appears that his main interest was in the work of Hoagland. Upcoming reports from The Enterprise Mission will discuss the critically-important Egyptological work of Hancock and Bauval -- and their potentially crucial connection to the latest "Moon/Mars" anomalies -- in much greater detail.]

Is it just a coincidence that one of the Apollo mission patches incorporated the Orion constellation behind the large letter "A"? Is it just a coincidence that Apollo is the Greek name for the Egyptian constellation of Orion, named Osiris? [In fact, what Hoagland revealed in his lecture was the central emblematic symbol of the entire Apollo Lunar Program, designed into a cloth patch to be worn by the Apollo astronauts, was indeed an "A" (for Apollo/Ast/Asar/ Orion/Osiris/Isis) -- circumscribed in the star systems of Orion/Canis Major. The question is, what in the world does this Egyptian, solar/stellar, religious symbolism have to do with supposedly the one and only secular manned mission project to the Moon ever carried out by any present-day space agency on planet Earth?]

In later patches, NASA "obliterated" this Orion connection by adding more stars to the patch thus disguising the original Orion constellation [connection to Egypt].

Like the "leak" of the Clementine APP172.jpg, someone at NASA seems to be intent on dropping us "hints"! [Here Mercieca is referring to the Star Wars Defense mission called Clementine that sent a camera to the Moon early in 1995 ostensibly to map the Moon from pole to pole. Clementine took over 1.8 million images of which only a few have been released to the public. One of those images (APP172.jpg) was leaked out on the Internet, downloaded and sent to us before it was deleted the next day. The image had false color added to it in order to display layers of ascending and descending depth. Analysis of this image has been a treasure trove of information in that the layers of color across the Triesnecker/Ukert region near 0 degrees latitude/longitude reveal right angular cross hatching which could be compared to any LANDSAT image of a terrestrial city with its streets and avenues. The Enterprise Mission has published a detailed, 30-plus page paper on this subject -- " Leak' Of An Anomalous Clementine Multi-Spectral Mosaic" -- complete with 13 computer-enhanced color plates.]

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval had some disturbing [political] news from Egypt. John Anthony West [along with Dr. Robert Schock of Boston University], who have previously demonstrated that the Sphinx and pyramids at Giza are much older than previously thought, and also discovered the secret chamber under the Sphinx's left paw, was then booted out of Egypt by Zahi Hawass (Director of Egyptian Antiquities) [at the Giza plateau], on the grounds that West was attributing the Sphinx and pyramids to an ancient lost civilization [Atlantis], and not to the Egyptians, and this was total rubbish according to Hawass ... Hawass actually said that West [sic -- it was Boris Said, West's independent television producer] was part of a "Zionist plot against Egyptians" of all things!

[Rudolph] Gantenbrink, the German robotics engineer who [in 1993] discovered the secret door at the end of a so-called "air shaft" in the Queen's chamber of the Great Pyramid using the Upuat robot, was also [immediately!] declared persona non grata!

Now, Zahi Hawass has been sponsored by a multi-millionaire (whose name I can't remember -- [Joseph Schor]), who just happens to be a member of the Edgar Cayce society [Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE)], in order to open the secret chamber below the Sphinx. The multi-millionaire [Schor] may be one of the select few that know the "truth" (behind the hyperdimensional physics/Moon structures/Mars structures/coverup). The [new] Canadian engineer who has been chosen by Hawass to use another robot to open the "air shaft" door in September also happens to be a member of the Edgar Cayce society, and is also connected to [Schor] the multi-millionaire.

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic who predicted in 1933 that a secret chamber would be discovered under the Sphinx would contain a repository of Atlantean knowledge and would be opened between 1996-1998.

Zahi Hawass has participated in a seven-minute promotional film for a [planned] direct "live opening" of the secret chamber. Hancock and Bauval [and before them, Hoagland!] were contacted to participate in this live opening but one of the conditions was that they had to publicly denounce John Anthony West as a fraud. They obviously refused! This multi-millionaire has sued (or threatened to sue) Bauval and Hancock for libel for associating him with the Edgar Cayce society/Sphinx chamber opening!

By the way, this is the same Zahi Hawass who said that the secret chamber under the Sphinx [discovered by West's team's original 1994 seismographic readings] was just a natural cavity in the rock, but now admits that there may be something in it after all! He has also said [predicted] that they will find a statue of Kafre (or Chephren) [the pharaoh attributed by modern Egyptologists as having his likeness carved into the face of the Sphinx, based on a partial royal cartouche found on a "stelae" between the Sphinx' paws] and finally prove that the Sphinx was built by this Egyptian pharaoh--does he [Hawass] have X-ray vision, or is he just preparing the way for another cover-up?

Disclaimer: I have reported what has been said at the conference as accurately as possible; however, any errors that I may have made are my fault and should not impinge negatively on the speaker's work!

J.J. Mercieca, Malta
4 June 1996